Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage provides multiple benefits: it lowers the stress level, increases the sense of well-being, helps sleep, improves circulation, helps treat emotional blocks, etc.
With different techniques you work on the skin by relaxing the muscles and toning it. The joints are lubricated. It also favors the proper functioning of the different systems of the body.

This leads to greater physical and emotional well-being.
It includes muscular mobilization, osteopathic movements and exercises for a correct postural rehabilitation.


Swedish massage

Swedish massage belongs to the group of classic massages.

Mainly, it is based on different techniques that encourage deep relaxation, de-stresses especially tired legs and reduces or relieves blockages in muscle tissues.

Swedish massage brings together Western aspects of muscular and circulatory work with oriental concepts related to the nervous centers and the circulation of energy between the emitter and the receiver.

It is a technique that does not aim to offer medical or physiotherapeutic results, but rather seeks to provide well-being and relaxation. It provides security and comfort to those who receive it. Its duration varies from 40 ‘to 60’ per session.


Relaxing massage

Relaxing massage helps to improve circulatory function, restore restricted mobility between damaged tissues, relieve or reduce pain, or optimize sensory awareness. It also provides relaxation, well-being and a reduced level of stress. Helps in recovery and maintenance of health.

Anti-Stress Massage

Enjoy an anti-stress massage and discover that with one to two weekly sessions the demands of the week: work, home, family … etc. You will be more bearable.
Give yourself that extra time just for you. Allow your body and mind to renew to feel light again. The energy, the creativity, the concentration and the good humor will return to you.


Anti-Depressive Massage

Antidepressant massage is to stimulate the central nervous system so that the segregation of neurotransmitters, those in charge of modulate our emotional system reestablish the balance and harmony in our emotions.

The range of techniques is considerable and the therapist will decide as appropriate which to apply, since the depressive picture has several faces and the origin is as personal and unique as each of us.

If you have felt constantly exhausted lately, and despite having the same activities and demands as before, it costs you much more to solve them, perhaps you have lost your appetite, you sleep poorly, you eat without being hungry, you suffer lack of concentration, your memory fails Even for everyday things, you tend to explode with fury and frustration, everything makes you cry and you no longer enjoy life as before …

…. go to your doctor and tell him your symptoms. The therapeutic massage will complement, together with your doctor, to feel free, light and with inner and outer wellbeing.


Foot reflexology

Reflexology is more than just a massage.

In the feet are «reflex points». The experienced therapist recognizes through these points the needs of the patient and applies different techniques to reestablish the proper functioning of organs, systems, etc. And at the same time cause an emotional pleasure.


Did you know that the nerve endings of the whole body are connected up to the feet and that is why through the reflex zones we can detect, correct and eliminate problems such as back pain, headache, menstrual pain, tired sight , Poor digestion, poor digestion, gall bladder pain, heartburn, indigestion, pancreas pain, liver malfunction, bad breath, asthma … etc.
It is a quick massage (30-40 minutes), very complete and brings countless benefits.


Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic vessels play very important roles in the immune system.

Most manipulations are aimed at increasing the transport capacity of lymph circulating on the surface.

Keep your body healthy and free of toxins. Recover your harmony and body balance.


Facial Massage

Feel good, relaxed and recover muscle tone on face and neck. It reflects well-being.

Facial reflexology

When examining the face we can see the state of the digestive, circulatory and nervous systems; The heart, the sexual organs, the kidneys, the liver and the gallbladder and the spleen. The face rebels the secrets of body and spirit.

It is the most sensitive part of the body and the most sensitive part. No other external part of the body reveals so subtle changes in the interior.

What is this about? One reason is that the face is a complex network of muscles. Only in the face and in the head are ten muscle systems with a total of almost forty individual muscles. These muscles give the face great flexibility and expressiveness.

In addition to its muscle systems, the face has an incredible combination of features (eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows and jaws), each capable of a wide range of movements and nuances.

Experience this gentle and unique 45-minute massage.

I also work Sports Massages, Electro Stimulation Therapy, Infrared, or Cold-Heat Therapy, among others.

Contact me and I will advise you on which one is right for you.  – Massage at Home

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