coach-personalPersonal Coaching

The Personal training process takes a step forward in the evolution of learning and deepens the sustainable pursuit of the client’s objectives, basing its reach on finding a meaning, a permanent motor of life, a MISSION that allows understanding, evolve and get going Towards sustainability.

The coach during personal training seeks to strengthen the person or organization and make their progress sustainable by developing the Identity of the latter with meaning and based on a powerful balance of:

Body Intelligence, that is, an understanding of the messages that constantly receive and emits our body through all our sensory receptors. An extension of our bodily consciousness, a training of the perceptions of our senses.

Mental Intelligence, based on the plasticity of our brain and the immense potential of transformation, at any age. An extension of the vision through the experimentation of new challenges, a training to realize what is thought and how you think.

Emotional Intelligence to realize how we have built our experience and how we perceive our reality. An extension of our potential and responsibility to change the reality of what we feel and how we feel.

Spiritual Intelligence to expand the identity of our consciousness and connect to the infinite network of interdependent relationships. A training to be affective and effective in life, understanding that our life develops in a universe that offers us infinite probabilities in a state of pure potentiality.

The sessions can be face-to-face in Barcelona or Zoom, in bonus packages or in individual sessions.




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Do you want to improve your professional career?
Improve the relationship with your team and its results?
Are you looking to reinvent yourself and do not know where to start?
Do you need to balance your work and personal life?

We will explore questions and concerns.
We will work for goals, focusing on your future.
I want you to integrate what you want into your life as soon as possible.